Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bayou City FM 1.31.09

Bayou City FM 1.31.09, originally uploaded by houstonfoodie.

The Bayou City FM was buzzing on this crisp, sunny January morning. A huge and high-quality selection of produce, bread, herbs and meat. I've been going to Houston FMs for a few years now and have never seen it this busy. Houstonians are very fortunate to have 4-season farmers markets.

This week's take: Polish (beef) sausage, garlic and rosemary bread, strawberries and broccoli.


Peggy said...

You've got to try their beef Russian sausage. Excellent!

Preston said...

Wow, strawberries in the middle of winter? Am I suspicious or amazed?

Houston Foodie said...

@Peggy That's next on the list.

@Preston You should be suspicious as I was. But I was dying for strawberries so didn't ask. I did run into a vendor selling tomatoes and couldn't resist asking - they were greenhouse.

Anonymous said...

where is this farmer's market?!
i keep hearing about them and i want to try it out.

Houston Foodie said...


Bayou City FM Saturdays 8am - 12 noon

Anonymous said...

thank you!