Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bayou City FM 1.31.09

Bayou City FM 1.31.09, originally uploaded by houstonfoodie.

The Bayou City FM was buzzing on this crisp, sunny January morning. A huge and high-quality selection of produce, bread, herbs and meat. I've been going to Houston FMs for a few years now and have never seen it this busy. Houstonians are very fortunate to have 4-season farmers markets.

This week's take: Polish (beef) sausage, garlic and rosemary bread, strawberries and broccoli.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Omelette for Lunch

Omelette: Flip #1, originally uploaded by houstonfoodie.

On Thursday I found myself with a bunch of free-range eggs burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to make a big honkin' 5 egg omelette. This is an American diner style omelette just like I get at the Utopia Diner in NYC; I don't really care much for those poofy French omelettes. Probably couldn't cook one anyway.

So this is 5 eggs with breakfast sausage and American cheese. And probably about 8000 calories. But who's counting?

Best Food Writing: January 2009


Besotted — Etymologically, That Is
Iain Gately — The New York Times
The English language has the richest vocabulary to describe the effects of drunkenness on human behavior. I wonder why?

The Fab Four: off the top of our heads
Jon Wilde and Simon Lewis — Daily Mail
It's not "writing" per se — more of an interview really — but a rollicking and revelatory discussion with 3 of the world's best chefs.

I'm not pregnant. I'm fat
Lucy Cavendish — The Observer
A surprisingly personal and revealing account of a food writer's struggle with weight gain.

the perfect complement
Shannalee T'Koy — Food Loves Writing blog
Sometimes with food, as in life, the most important things and people are not the ones basking in the spotlight.

Houston Local

A few global food trends Part 1 and Part 2
anonymouseater — Food In Houston blog
A great use of personal travel experiences to explore global food trends related to sustainability and healthy diets.

An Intervention About Food with Myself
Food Princess — Food Princess Reports blog
An interesting parallel to the Lucy Cavendish piece listed above, both authors writing about the same subject with personal intensity, on virtually the same day, but oceans apart.

Houston's Own Artisanal Gelato
Katharine Shilcutt — Eating...Our Words blog
An in-depth look at why Houston has one of the most diverse culinary scenes in America — if you have the passion and ambition, Houston will supply the opportunity.

If you know of any sources of great food writing, post a comment and let me know. It can be national, international, or local. I'd really like to find individualistic food blogs that reflect the personality and experiences of the blog writer.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Link Feast: 1.23.09

Goodbye Old Devil Moon - This is the restaurant where I ate with my friends the night before I drove out of NYC for good. RIP.

Invite Science to the Party - Some really interesting techniques for cooking a quick, gourmet-style meal. DIY sous-vide gets bonus points.

Dallas Morning News Gets a New Restaurant Critic - Nice gig if you can get it. But seriously, looks like she has heavyweight credentials. Considering some major dailies are laying off their restaurant critics, this may be a good sign.

First MacArthur "genius grant," now calls from Obama team - There's no one more cynical than I am when it comes to politicians, but when I see reports like this, I'm encouraged that Obama may develop a healthy, practical, and common sense food policy.

How to make your own haggis - God I'd love to see Rachel Ray make haggis on 30 Minute Meals. And the associated article.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Link Feast: 1.16.09

Why Gordon's so camera shy - Gordo refuses to take pictures with female fans. If only I had such a problem...

5600 Cupcake Installation of Obama and Lincoln - Obama and cupcakes. Cupcakes and Obama. 'Nuff said.

Chewing the Fat: Batali and Bourdain on Sex - Food and sex should be separated like church and state? Anthony Bourdain decided. WTF Bourdain?

This Is Goodbye to Gourmet, Maybe - Oh.How.The.Mighty.Have.Fallen.

How to Catch a Critic - NY restaurant PR firm selling a facebook (no, not that Facebook, a photo album rather) of prominent food critics. Anybody who has worked at a NY restaurant knows exactly what's posted on the bulletin board back of house.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Link Feast: 1.9.09

Not on the List? The Truth about Impulse Purchases - We all know why the milk is located in the farthest reaches of our local supermarket (so you'll buy more stuff on the way). This study questions that assumption.

Per Se (New York, NY) - One foodie's photo essay of a dinner at Per Se. Nice pics and writeup.

Saving a Squirrel by Eating One - It's impossible to butcher, funkily flavored, and difficult to eat. And yet squirrel is the hottest dish in Britain.

Corrigan's Mayfair: Wine List - Reading and collecting wine lists are well-known passions for many foodies and oenophiles. Here's one of the more creative wine lists available on the Internet. From one of the chi-chi-est restaurants in London.

3rd Rock From The Sun - Dick tips - Every waiters nightmare! Full video below:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best Food Writing: December 2008


Africa's hungry tribe: The Masai's struggle to subsist
Alex Renton — The Guardian Observer
Just a reminder that not all food writing is about amuse bouches and sea urchin foam. A must read.

Journeys - Le Tour du Chocolat
Amy Thomas — The New York Times
Talk about "painting a picture" with words. This is what vicarious food/travel writing is all about.

Corrigan's review
Giles Coren — Times Online
Reading a Giles Coren restaurant review is like going out with that one totally crazy friend you have. You're pretty much just along for the ride and you have no idea where things will end up.

Helene Darroze at the Connaught
Jay Rayner — The Guardian Observer
An otherwise run of the mill restaurant review, I liked this write-up for two reasons: 1) he used the word "oleaginous." Ooohhh...that's a good word. I had to look it up. It means ingratiating. It also means "oily." Oily waiters? Hahahaha!, and 2) He compares his experience in this Michelin-starred chef's restaurant to being leg-humped by a sex-starved dog. C'mon Jay, tell us how you really feel!

Houston Local

Oyster Moments Slideshow
Robb Walsh— website
Robb Walsh's new book, Sex, Death and Oysters, is out and it's all about our favorite edible shellfish. His website has a great photo album of his world travels in pursuit of everything oyster. Purchase a copy of the book on Amazon or head over to Brazos Bookstore.

Banquette Etiquette: 3 simple rules for close-quarters dining
Alison Cook — Cook's Tour blog
My closest experience to a religious experience with a food blog, mainly due to my exhortations of "Amen sister!" while reading it.

new @ rainbow lodge
neverfull — i'm never full blog
A luxurious photo essay and comprehensive write-up of a recent Houston restaurant visit.

Port for the Holidays
Jay Francis — Eating...Our Words blog at
Everything you always wanted to know about the fortified wine known as Port but were afraid to ask.

Merry Christmas! Love, She Eats
K — she eats. blog
No food writing here, but this blog post is EPIC.

If you know of any sources of great food writing, post a comment and let me know. It can be national, international, or local. I'd really like to find individualistic food blogs that reflect the personality and experiences of the blog writer.