Friday, December 5, 2008

Link Feast: 12.5.08

Just a grab bag o' links this week.

Gordon is using I will use him - Gordo can have any woman in the world to screw around with and he picks this??? Oy vey.

A slow food tour of Turin - I really, really want to go on a foodie tour of Europe. So much food, so many places, so little time.

Home dinner clubs build friendships through food - There are foodies everywhere in Houston.

Wurstküche, downtown L.A.'s new sausage-and-beer kitchen - What a freakin' brilliant idea. Beer. Sausage. 'Nuff said.

The Ultimate Reservation - Students spend their whole young lives working to get an acceptance letter from an Ivy League school. Foodies spend their lives waiting for an acceptance letter for a reservation at El Bulli.


jodycakes said...

Love, love, love the idea of Wurstkuche...wish I woulda stayed in Los Angeles until end of November to try it out...thanks for the link.

Too bad we don't have something like that in Houston - would be a hit.


Houston Foodie said...

Agreed. It's on my list of places to hit on my next trip to LA.